The Neat New Brunswick

By: Ashton Billesberger

This province offers so much to do, the ocean I my favorite. I just enjoy sitting on the beach taking in the sights and sounds in. It’s a big break from the sounds of cars from city life that I am used to. There is a lot of fishing tours that you can do and also site see tours that you can enjoy.

I have to say this is nature at its best. There is a lot of history out here, buildings, historic parks, all of which reflect . The seafood food is unbelievable, so fresh and there is so much of it. Here are some neat restaurants to try, Stage Left, Soho, Makeda's, and The Frog and The Peach. Quick facts -Largest city Saint John-Population 757 100 8th in Canada -4th Province Admittance into Confederation on Date July 1, 1867-Only officially bilingual province in CanadaSo get out and take a vacation to one of Canada’s beautiful east coast province, and enjoy the food, the people, and the sites.

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