Recreation in Rhodes

By: Vivek Kuriyal

The area in Rhodes known as the Upper Town is a most attractive setting of the Gothic period. In the area called the Lower Town, you will come across Gothic architecture coexisting with mosques, public baths and other structures from the Ottoman era.

The tourist attractions of Rhodeswill engross you on a tour of the city. The Hydro biological Station Rhodes is a prominent tourist attraction where one can treat themselves to a visual of an aquarium and museum combining local, Art Deco and elements such as natural sea shells. In the museum you get to see a rare collection of exhibits.

The aquarium is home to the endangered Gizani, a fresh water fish species. The ancient harbor, Mandraki is the most prominent part of the city. At the entrance of the harbor is a statue of ‘The Deer and Fawn’. It is worth having a look at the murals of the Gothic style Orthodox Church of the Annunciation at the entrance of the harbor.

At the highest part of the city is ‘the Acropolis’ constructed in Hellenistic styleFeature Articles, and houses a number of large temples and sanctuaries. The chief attractions for tourists are ‘the Temple of Athena Polias’ and ‘the Zeus Polieus’ located to the north side of the acropolis. Nymphaia is one site where one can go to for relaxation and recreation as it was an ancient place for recreation and worship with caves and recesses in the walls to hold statues and water cisterns. You need not worry about accommodation and services as Rhodes hotels provide discount and their hospitality is of international standard.

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