The Coldest Places on Earth

By: Robert Riles

Coldest Place on Earth

The coldest place on earth today are the polar region and some of the high mountain regions such as the

  • Himalayas,
  • The Alps,
  • The Andes,
  • The Rocky Mountains,
  • The Atlas Mountain,
  • The Hindukush mountain range,
  • The Urals.

The temperature in these areas are freezing and can make human inhabitation impossible at times. Despite the adverse weather condition, people are living in these regions. For centuries, people have battled cold weather conditions to find sustenance on a routine basis.

Coldest Place on Earth

1) The North Pole and South Pole
They have been conquered by human beings long back. In the North Pole, most of the water is frozen all the time and human habitation is not found. Only ice breaker ships take people to North Pole on tourist expeditions. Otherwise, wild life such as polar bears, seals and aquatic life is found in plenty in the North Pole, which is not fit for human habitation.

Similarly, in the South Pole, a lot of birds can be found. Countries have set up bases, which are occupied by people round the year despite the frigid conditions. Both north and south poles are not hospitable and adverse weather conditions are found to have had negative impact on human beings. In the beginning, conquering the Polar Regions was not an easy task. It was only after several expeditions by adventurers that both the poles were conquered. They took a toll on the human life naturally. Both the poles fall under the tundra region, divided geographically.

Summer last only 6 to 10 weeks and the sun shines almost 24 hours a day. It has been called 'the land of the midnight sun'. Hottest temperature during summer is 10 degrees.

  • The tundra is an unusually cold and dry climate. Coupled with strong and drying winds, the tundra is an extreme weather biome. 

2) The Himalayas

January is the coldest month where temperatures can go down to minus 35 degrees (-35 °C).The Himalayan region mainly experiences two season winter and summer. 

  • Himalayan Foothills
    The average summer temperature in the southern foothills is about 30 degree Celsius and the average winter temperature is around 18 degree Celsius.
  • Above 4880m of Himalayas
    This area is permanently covered with snow all year round. Temperature can go down to minus 35 degrees. For some people in Himalayan countries, extreme weather is a way of life. For people living in Nepal and Tibet, extreme weather conditions have become a daily affair to battle with. They have become accustomed to the hostile weather conditions in the Himalayan region. However, people from other region find the going tough in the upper hilly region or in the tundra region. There have been instances of people dying due to over exposure to cold weather condition.
  • Just like the tundra region, dry deserts can be extremely chilly during nights. The desert poses a very harsh condition during the day. During nights, the deserts can be equally cold. Though the temperature does not reach sub zero level, it can be extremely painful to sleep under such conditions. Therefore, people light fire to keep themselves warm irrespective of the geographical terrain on which they are. World over people are trying to overcome the problem of cold weather conditions.

These are the Coldest Place in The World, in fact they are the Coldest Place on Earth.

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