Eastpak Bags and Apparels

By: Abha Duhring
Eastpak is an internationally acclaimed and well known brand that manufacturers quality bags, packs, clothing and luggage. Well, whether you are a student or a globe tottering business men, Eastpak has something to offer to everyone. Established in the year 1960s, The brand was founded by Monte Goldman that manufacturer bags for military and armed forces. In the years 1976, Monte was persuaded by his son Mark to make consumer products and soon launched Eastpak. Ever since, the brand Eastpak is hugely popular among kids. In year 2000, and it was taken over by VF Corporation, one of the largest apparel companies that include various brands like The North Face, Jansport and Wrangler.

Well, in case you are looking forward to check out the designer stuff, Eastpak has a vast range of designer bags and apparels that come in trendiest details. In case one is looking for a trendy school or college bag, It has an exclusive range of high quality bags such as Orbit, Wyoming, Pinnacle, Ultimate, Provider, Paste, Scroll L, Buddy, The One, Retro 40, Transfer S, Roy, Madison, Parker, Lilly, Gwen, Kelly and many more. For all those who are looking for apparel, It has an exclusive range of clothing for both boys and girls along with trendy accessories. Male clothing includes jackets as Plunge, Push, Shove and Riot. Eastpak trousers include Fredrick, Engel, and Robert along with shirts and T-shirts. For girls, Eastpak offers colorful jackets as Sass, Bondage. Shirts include Strip, Hottie, Wink, Tiger, Vesse, Twist, Fox, Blush and Vice to name a few.

Some of the trendy accessories at Eastpak caps include Riley, Connor, Nate, Roadie, Gabe, Recruit and belts such as Cage, Fence and Luck. All these clothes are based on latest trends and are quite popular among young guys and girls. Eastpak accessories, clothing and bags are immensely popular among youngsters because of its striking color scheme, contemporary designs that makes it a wonderful clothing option. Well, if you are looking forward to check out new designer clothes or bags, make sure you go for Eastpak. Eastpak bags and backpacks come with quality clothes that make it long lasting and durable. In 2006, Eastpak came with three special backpacks that were designed Ozzy Osbourne, Slash and Lemmy.

So, if you are looking forward to check out a new range of traveling bags, college bags or new apparel, do check out quality stuff from Eastpak that comes in variety of designs, colors, and styles. It is known for new fabric, bold prints and vivid colors that make it huge popular and attractive accessories. With the motto of 'Build to Resist', It ensures all its goods come with high quality and resistance. Ever since building bags for military, It has come a long way by providing quality bags and accessories. It has numerous stores throughout the world where each bag and apparel is guaranteed for perfection. So, get the best Eastpak apparel and accessories and jazz up your wardrobe and choose the matching Eastpak bags and totes to complete your accessories.
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