China Own-brand Truck Business Development

By: stevenhsu

Except China's Sino truck, FAW, Dongfeng, Valin, JAC, Iveco Hongyan and other domestic enterprises all attended Bejing Auto Show, Mercedes-Benz, Cayman and other foreign enterprises also appeared. This feed our eyes with trucks. At the same time, we can have the chance to have more comprehensive understanding of our own-brand trucks.

"Own-brand truck's quality has been greatly improved" and "own-brand trucks performance-price contrast high." Many truck industry men said.

"If buying truck someday, own-brand truck is the first choice" Number of own-brand truck driver commented.

The praise is not an exaggeration. After 50 years of development, particularly after opening policy, our truck industry digested, absorbed, and innovated, manufacturing process and technical content increased significantly.

In the show, own-brand trucks are similar foreign brands from appearance design. Jiefang J6,Dongfeng Tianlong Tianjing and SAIC Iveco Hongyan new truck appearances were improved a lot.

In the manufacturing process, the own-brand truck had a qualitative leap too, it was difficult to find truck defects. You can image that all enterprises and the production line must reform a lot.

These are that industry men and consumers are proud of. But does this mean that our trucks have no gap between foreign? Oversea trucks much expensive than ours, that is not only because of our low cost materials and labor costs. We truck the technical content, reliability and abroad there are many trucks compared to less than the industry consensus.

In fact, it's easier to upgrade hardware, but software upgrade is long time heavy job, that needs long-term, down-to-earth accumulation. To China truck enterprises, how to make more reasonable, reliable and advanced complete truck is very pressing now.

From the user's point of view, lower fuel consumption, less failure, higher speed, it is their greatest concern. But shining appearance will arouse there purchasing appetite also.

Recently, raw materials kept on rising, China ? standards implication, RMB exchange rate rising, the U.S. sub-loan crisis impacted China truck industry a lot. Own-brand truck business achievements are obvious to all, but the real test has just begun.

Steven Hsu, truck maker in China with more than thirty experiences. You can get more of his trucks and comments on

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