How to Make Christmas Skittles

By: Suie Roberts

You will need a pack of 6 mini Yazoo milkshakes. Empty the bottles and rinse the bottles out and leave them to drain until they are completely dry.

Each bottle now needs a thin layer of paper mache. This makes the bottles easier to paint and it covers the ridges on the bottle. Rip up newspapers into small squares. Mix some PVA glue with two parts water and with a paintbrush, stick the newspaper pieces to the bottles so that they are completely covered. Allow to dry over night.

Now you can paint your bottles in festive designs such as, a penguin from Lapland, a snowman, a Christmas tree, a robin, Rudolf and Father Christmas.

To make the bowling ball, scrunch up two sheets of newspaper into a ball and add some selotape so that it keeps its ball like shape. Then apply 3 or 4 layers of paper mache. Allow to dry overnight.

Paint the bowling ball to look like a Christmas pudding with cream drizzled over it and with a sprig of holly on the top.

When all the paint is dry you can test it out. Set the skittles out to form a triangle. 3 skittles in the back row, 2 skittles in the middle row and one skittle at the front. Try to knock all the skittles over with the Christmas pudding.

To make the game harder you can put some sand inside each bottle to weight it slightly.

You could also write points on the bottom of each skittle and make a point scoring system.

You could make a larger set of skittles by using the larger bottles of Yazoo milkshake, and then you would have more milkshake to guzzle!

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