How To Find The Right Ski Resort For Your Little Ones

By: Anna Stenning

Bonding with your family on holiday is a great way for you all to relax and forget about your stresses and worries. Nevertheless, a great way to bond is to all participate in sports activities abroad. Some of the most common forms of activities are biking and skiing. Skiing abroad is brilliant for people to experience something different and fast paced, which is why ski holidays are always popular during winter in Europe.

There are plenty of ski resorts to choose from across the globe, but it can be a difficult decision to pick out the right one for you and your family, especially if you are taking young children who are skiing for the first time. It is perfectly normal for parents to feel anxious over where they should go, as some resorts are not always tailored for beginners and family. The last thing any parent would want is a holiday filled with young professional skiers, who all out for an extreme sport ski holiday.

The best place to start is to research the various places available such as France, Austria or Canada. Which one of these have the best facilities tailored to beginners and families. Some ski holidays, offer creches and English speaking guides, which allows the parents to be at peace of mind when they feel like a day enjoying their own company. Available is most resorts are nanny services, creches for children under two years of age, with baby and toddler activities club.

For skiing lessons, nearly all ski holidays offer coaching and may have separate ski runs available for beginners only. Try booking a taster session at your nearest dry slope or snow dome, just so you and your child can get a feel of what it would be like to go down a slope and gather more confidence when learning to ski. Some resorts offer package deals, which may also include discounts for accommodation - a bonus always!

Always check for any kids' club activities for children aged between 6 - 12 years. These clubs will help keep your children entertained, as sometimes children find skiing trips boring or feel too tired to ski. These activities are a godsend for parents who are looking to put their feet up occasionally during their holiday. As much as the fun of being at a ski resort with your family is about bonding and sharing the fun, there are times when it nicer to have a moments rest from all the draining excitement.

Most importantly, be prepared by packing lots of accessories such as hats, gloves, socks, ski goggles, ski suits, warm clothing, ski helmets (essential for children who just beginning on the slopes), plenty of extra pocket money for your children to buy hot beverages, sun cream and sunglasses. All of these are important before you even think about leaving for a holiday.

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