Car Hire - the American Rise

By: chris rowlands

Travel related costs are expected to increase above the usual inflationary rise in America during 2008. This will potentially mean flights to and from the country and travel services such as car hire could increase by an average of 4% whereas the predicted inflationary increase is expected to fall at around 2.3%.

High oil prices mean that many travel related industries could be hit by an increase next year. The cost of air fares will most probably increase to factor this in and with already tight restrictions on the number of seats for sale things may get worse.

Many UK tourists will consider car hire during their holiday in America and it is definitely recommended if you want to see the sights and make the most out of your time - wherever you intend to stay.

In a report released by American Express the potential rise on the cost of car rentalwas listed as 4% although there has been some differing in opinion over this figure. The National Business Travel association of America consider 5-7% to be perhaps a more accurate figure.

So how does this affect you - the British tourist, well for starters you will find that arranging car hireupon arrival at the airport or within you resort could be between 4-7% more costly as a result.

The cost to fill up you tank will of course become more expensive with the expected and continuing rise on the base price of oil.

There are some ways you can cut the cost of your car hire this year - for starters pre-booking can save you from having to pay over inflated Airport hire car rates. You should also consider making use of one of the many travel related comparison sites. You will usually find they compare car rentals and allow you to choose from a variety of companies and packages to suit your needs and hopefully save you some money in the long run.

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