Travel Insurance: Think Pink!

By: David Collins

An insurance company that has been recently launched was developed to cater for breast cancer sufferers - both male and female.

Many sufferers, even if they've been in remission for several years, find themselves turned down for travel insurance or find their premiums very high when searching for quotes.

The company was founded by a breast cancer survivor in order to cater for people with a history of breast cancer. The company works closely with breast cancer charities and insurance professionals with specialist knowledge of the disease.

The scheme specialises in offering travel insurance to those who have - or have had - breast cancer, including cover for cancellation because of medical reasons - these can include, but are not necessarily limited to, complications arising as a result of breast cancer.

According to breast cancer charities, the mortality rate for breast cancer in the UK is falling, and whilst an increasing number of sufferers return to an active lifestyle, many experience difficulties in finding cheap travel insurance and additional expense if they want to travel abroad.

Many survivors still encounter difficulties in finding affordable insurance, even after years of remission, and usually have to seek a more expensive premium from specialist medical insurers in order to cater for a variety of medical conditions.

Such tailored schemes come as a breath of fresh air in the world of insurance, as the numbers of those travelling increase each year, the need for affordable travel insurance for those with medical conditions has become more of an issue.

Similar schemes which cater for male-related conditions, such as testicular cancer, are being considered for the future. It is hoped that such schemes would come as welcome news to survivors who want to travel and enjoy their lives after difficult times.

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