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By: Paola Lo Russo

Do you feel like being the best chef in the world? Do you think your skilled cousine is not understood? Do you struggle everyday to convince the world you are the brand new Ratatouille? Well, you'd better book an hotel in Rome, have a dinner-wise tour of Rome and tell us what you think of roman restaurants!

You could start by reserving a romantic tete-a-tete at St. Ana, a quite posh restaurant placed next to Piazza del Popolo, where you can taste a complete range of international flavours mixed by the best gourmet you'll be happy to have met. Well... we know you are our nouvelle Ratatouille, so we decided to let you start with a very classic restaurant, but now it's time to bring you in the real Rome!

In Piazza de' Mercanti, one of the most beatiful and charming city squares in Rome, everything seems quite during the day. At night this becomes the headquarter of good ol' fashioned roman cousine, with restaurants like Meo Patacca and Ciceruacchio. These restaurants in Trastevere really are the temples of taste and fun, where singers dressed with traditional costumes entertain you with the most famous hits... from the XIX century!!! You'll discover the magic of a serenata trasteverina, while enjoying your dinner in a very intimate atmosphere.

Trastevere also means many good, though modern, restaurants. Among them let me suggest you to try the so called L'Obitorio. Well... that's not the true name of the restaurant, but, in spite of the unhappy images this name recalls - obitorio is italian for morgue - everyone in Rome calls it like that due to the typical marble tables. Don't be afraid: one of the best pizza in Rome is here!

Do you feel more like having a quick snack & go? Please no one say we must let quality go! Remember? We feel so Ratatouille tonight, so we have a suggestion for you to let you eat the best quick dinner in Rome. Planet Sandwich, in Monteverde, mixes the best of a fast food (if you ever find anything best in a fast food) with the taste, genuineness and flavour of typical italian cuisine. Even better prices are very cheap in spite of the sandwiches size.

Rest assured: visiting Rome means great restaurants too. Don't be afraid to try, you'll be satisfied by the sparkling and intimate atmosphere of Rome, while eating food that has no rival. So book your accomodation in Rome and have your tour of restaurants. Will you meet your own Ratatouille?

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