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Celebrity Private Jet Planes

By: Derek Both
Tom Cruise reportedly owns three private jets so it's unlikely he will ever be stuck for a lift. Perhaps this is a bit over the top and unnecessary but many businesses choose to send their employees by private jet charter because it actually saves them money in the long term. If you take into consideration the cost of a taxi to the airport, the flight prices, food at the airport and the time you have to pay the employee for, this all adds up. Flying by private jet charter saves so much time which means that employers aren't paying for so much of their employees' time.

Stars such as John Travolta have even taken it a step further and have learnt how to fly their own planes. Not content with a Boeing 707, he also has four other jets in his front garden. Whilst not everyone can afford this type of extravagance, a flight on a private jet charter can be a great way to impress potential customers and work colleagues. Being picked up in your very own aeroplane is likely to score points with anyone which means that they are more likely to use your company in the future.

Flying by private jet charter can have many advantages. For example, Simon Cowell prefers this method because he can smoke on his own planes whereas he can't if he flies on a standard aircraft. Other advantages include the fact that if it is for travel purposes you can even conduct meetings on the planes so you save time when you get to the other side. You are also guaranteed complete privacy which means that all passengers can relax and feel comfortable.

It's hardly surprising that so many celebrities opt to travel by private jet charter. With such busy schedules waiting around an airport or being stuck in traffic for hours can cause massive problems. However, when flying by a private plane all you need to do is simply tell your chosen company what time you need to be somewhere and the rest will be done for you. Perhaps this is the reason why so many companies now choose to send their employees to meetings and conferences by this method of transport.

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