Holidays - Tokyo by Night

By: Liam G

It is at night that Japans capital really comes to life, with a myriad of bars, clubs and restaurants throughout the city, you'd be hard stretched to find something not to your taste.

With many Japanese apartments being quite small, many locals choose to socialise out in the city.

This has resulted in an incredibly diverse nightlife throughout the city, with bars ranging from ultra modern and laid back to boisterous and out right crazy.

The district of Roppongi is recommended as a starting for westerners and is not to dissimilar to New York on a Friday night.

Throughout Roppongi, dress code is relatively lax and drink prices are fairly modest. On the whole though, drink prices vary considerably from bar to bar and its always best to ask before you order to avoid any problems.

If you spend any time in any of Tokyo's many "hostess clubs" do not be surprised if you're charged anything up to ?50 for a single beer.

You can also expect to pay an entrance or "cover" fee for many of the Japanese-style pubs or "izakaya". This is also the case for many clubs, where cover fees can usually be quite high, but generally include a few drinks.

If you want to venture off the streets and sip your drink slowly underneath Tokyo's unforgettable skyline, then one of the many "sky bars" may be more to your liking. These can be found in a great deal of the cities hotels.

With no specific licensing hours, bars and clubs are free to serve throughout the night, and many choose to do so!

Some notable bars include; "Hajime", one of the most popular in the Roppongi district, "GasPanic", a lively favourite amongst travellers and for the more sophisticated, the stylish "Finger" is recommended.

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