Travel Costs Causing Tiffs Among Holidaymakers

By: Abbi Rouse

Many Britons have fallen out with friends and family before their plane leaves the runway as a result of concerns about the economic impact of taking a trip away, according to new statistics.

American Express has found that nearly a third (31 per cent) of travellers admitted to having an argument over the financial viability of a trip abroad, while others were found to have had spates over luggage and leaving for the airport on time. Nearly half (48 per cent) of respondents to the financial services firm's study said they had got into an argument about how much had been packed into a suitcase, while 40 per cent said they had been in a heated debate over whether or not they would make the flight. Earlier on in the planning stage, 17 per cent had argued about when to book a holiday away, while a further 17 per cent expressed dismay about the quality of accommodation that had been arranged.

For those looking to take out the financial stress of getting away, taking out a personal loan may provide the monetary security necessary to let people to focus on enjoying their holiday to the fullest degree.

In a breakdown of holiday volatility among different age groups, younger generations were said to be more likely to have a tiff, with an average of four arguments had by youthful travellers, compared to an average of 3.1 disagreements arising before a trip taken by those over the age of 55. While financial concerns were a prominent point of tension, slightly more biological problems were also found to have caused a rift. According to the group, 17 per cent of people had argued about needing the toilet on the way to the airport.

Finding a place to park was stressful for 13 per cent of travellers, while four per cent of people had got a relaxing holiday off to a bad start by arguing after a family member went astray at the airport.

Regional statistics also showed the short fuses of those living in the north-east, with residents in this area said to be the most argumentative when it came to holiday planning, having an average of four disputes before getting on the plane. People in the west country meanwhile were found to be an altogether more placid bunch, with an average of two disagreements had by people living in the south-west. Those holidaying from Yorkshire meanwhile were most likely to bicker about forgotten holiday essentials, with more than a fifth (21 per cent) of people in this area neglecting to make sure their possessions were in order before setting out.

Commenting on the statistics, Kirstie Bayley, director at American Express Travellers Cheques, said: "The research has shown that holiday makers have a lot to think about when they go away and the last thing they are going to want to worry about is money. Sorting your travel money in advance of your holiday can alleviate this and buying travellers cheques can mean you have one less thing to worry about. Travellers cheques are just like cash, but insured against loss or theft so you can relax that bit more; they also help you stick to a budget as you can visually see how much you have left to spend."

Whatever financial situation people are in, taking out a personal loan may prove an effective way to fund a trip. Doing so may be of particular interest to those over the age of 55 after a Holiday Inn report suggested that a growing number of people in this age bracket were looking to book a romantic break and get away from it all.

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