Is Sheffield Really the 4th Largest City in the Uk?

By: Haley Softie
Sheffield is in south yorkshire that has a population of over 525,000. recently, Sheffield has seen some extensive redevelopment & now has some pretty modern structures, including the Millennium Galleries.

Unlike numerous massive cities, sheffield has a diverse geography. its situated at the confluence of 5 rivers & most of the city is built on hillsides with views into the city centre or out to the country side. with an estimated two million trees, Sheffield boasts more trees per person than any european city. In fact, 61 % of the city is green space.

Sheffield won world wide fame throughout the nineteeth century for its production of steel. in actual fact, most innovations in the steel industry were developed in sheffield, including crucible (now the name of one of the city's theatres) & stainless steel. however, world wide competition caused a decline in these popular local industries during the seventies & 1980s. at this time, the coal industry collapsed nearby, which caused massive unemployment & affected Sheffield's population.

In recent years, Sheffield's economy has recovered &, thanks to its booming music & film scene, it has become renowned as a cultural centre.

As we have already mentioned, Sheffield is a city of culture. This means that it has got plenty of snazzy museums & galleries to explore.

One of the finest museums is Bishop House. built around 1500, Bishop House is the most well preserved wood framed home in Sheffield. it is located at the top of Meersbrook Park & has been home to numerous different families over the years[/MARK Now its open as a museum & contains some beautiful period furniture, which gives you a real feel ofold england.

Sheffield boasts some pretty greenery to enjoy & it's one of the most green cities in the uk. In fact, it has 78 public parks & ten public gardens to explore, which means that it's a fantastic city for lovers of the great outdoors.

Alternatively, you could pay a visit to Sheffield's excellent stores In the city centre, you will find a wide range of high street stores, which include makeover & hmv. in addition to these, you will also find a vast range of designer stores.

Sheffield is renowned for its nightlife, especially its nightclubs. in fact, the super nightclub Gatecrasher began here. However, it has nightclubs that cater to other types of music too, including numerous metal clubs.

In addition to exciting nightclubs, Sheffield also boasts a handful of snazzy bars & wonderful live music venues, which means that it can cater to every taste.

Sheffield has fantastic road links and can be reached easily from most major uk cities. as well as this, the city is well-served by rail, with regular trains running from Sheffield train station to a wide range of locations throughout the uk.

There is also an airport close by, Doncaster Sheffield Airport. The airport is situated 18 miles from the city centre and is served mainly by cheaper airlines, including Thomsonfly.
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