Remarriage Preparation - How To Know If You're Ready to Remarry

By: Alyssa Johnon

Remarrying is a big decision. The good news is that 75% of divorced people do remarry. The bad news is that at least 60% of those remarriages will end in a re-divorce.

Not being ready to remarry is one of the biggest problems I see with my coaching clients. Today, lets look at one of the ways you can KNOW you're not ready.

If your main reason for considering a remarriage is because you are overwhelmed with single parenting and think a remarriage will alleviate that stress and offer you the help you need - you AREN'T ready. Is there the potential that a remarriage might do this for you? Sure, but there's no guarantee. More than likely it will be MORE stressful because now you have a step family to contend with.

Here's why this is a bad plan:

You're using the marriage as a crutch

It's not so much about your new partner or how you can grow together and create a great life.

This motivation is more selfish. It's about helping you with your needs. Assuming that this new person will step in and become another parent to your children. Step families just don't work like that.

You're assuming that a step family will be easier than single parenting

Boy are you in for a shocker! Step families are hard! You will not only be attempting to create a marriage but also trying to combine families. Demands on your time will increase exponentially. While you may believe having another person around to pick up the slack will offer you MORE time to relax, what actually happens is you have less.

Typically, the courtship is rushed

If you're so focused on just marrying to alleviate the stress, you won't be as choosy as you should be. You'll go for the first person who comes your way and is interested in getting married. If you don't take the necessary time to get to know each other, you can realize shortly after wedding that you married a complete stranger.

You've not adjusted to your divorce adequately

I agree that single parenting is hard. I don't discount that in the slightest. But, this is just another change that you HAVE to get through. There's no getting out of it. Without dealing with those post-divorce adjustments, you've not grown. Without growth, you're doomed to repeat your past mistakes.

So, don't make this your main priority in looking for a spouse. I'll go out on a limb and risk saying that as long as you're feeling overwhelmed with your life as a single parent, you really shouldn't be dating anyoneArticle Submission, let alone trying to find a marriage partner.

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