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The Little Language Learning Train that Could.

Singapore is currently an excellent vacation spot for those who are looking to find an exclusive and exotic place to spend their hard earned cash on or even for those trying to enjoy a cheap trip full of the magic and adventure of this eastern city. I guess I was on the middle of that proverbial scale when I had my vacations at Singapore. I had recently received the news that my application for one of the MEC Becas had finally been accepted and thus I would finally be able to study English in London. I was born in Cairo and I've been fond of languages since I was a teenager when I started learning Italian. I then went on to learn French and had the opportunity to visit France after I finish my studies, which I loved. I had wanted to learn English in a prestigious English School in London but I never came close to the money needed for the tuition fees. Now it was my chance to make my dream come true.

Map of Singapore with prominent places and landmarks.

It's hard to know where to start! Use this to help you.

Everyone Loves Freebies.

Good things seem to come in pairs because soon after I was granted my scholarship I received a letter from my uncle telling me he had heard of the news through my parents and wanted to invite me on a trip to Singapore (where he was currently working) to celebrate before I had to leave for London. I've never made a habit of refusing gifts so I told my uncle that I'd be happy to join him there.

Welcome to the 21st Century!

I must say that, due to being less than well versed in global affairs and the general flow and ebb of the modern world (I'm so out of the loop that I still feel weird handling those mobile phones), I wasn't expecting Singapore to be the vibrant and futuristic landscape that it is. I arrived to the city at dusk, riding the fast tracks of the Keretapi Tanah Melayu (the Malayan Railway) and I had to remind my chin to go back to its starting position. The lights, the gravity defying skyscrapers and the constant movement and vitality of the city took me by surprise.

This city state has certainly come a long way from being a British trading colony to one of the world's most prosperous countries, sporting the world's busiest port. It is a beacon of the bright blinding light of technology and also a medley of Chinese, Indian and Malay languages and history. It has a warm and comfortable tropical climate, great food, good shopping locations and a fun nightlife. What else can you ask for?!

Skyline of Singapore at night.

The marvelous and brilliant face of Singapore.

It Rains Both on the Just and the Unjust.

I was glad I got lucky and had this great trip to Singapore, and coincidence or not, it seems that I even got to know a bit of the London life before even going to the UK. How can that be possible? Easy, it rains (a lot) in Singapore. It usually rains daily, and more than once a day, in heavy showers that can leave you soaking wet if you were not carrying an umbrella. So, as a word of advice for all the daring travelers looking to enjoy the eastern pleasures of Singapore, I say this: bring your snorkels.'

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