Attention: You could loose your ru-domain

By: Hans Peter Oswald

As RIPN, the Russian registry reports, RIPN stops to perform the duties of .RU Second Level Domain Names Registrar from 2005 January 01. But RIPN remains the operator of the ru-registry and continues to provide technical support of Domain Name Registration System and name servers of ru-domains. It will stay also registrar concerning , , and Therefore all Second Level Domain NameRegistration Agreements between RIPN and persons or entities will be terminated from January 01, 2005.

It will be impossible to extend registration terms of ru-domains sponsored by RIPN after the termination of the Second Level Domain Name Registration Agreements. All ru-domains registered before January 01, 2005 will be supported by RIPN till expiration date. To maintain and renew the domain name registrations of existing ru-domains it is necessary to transfer domains sponsorship to another active registrar.

If you do not want to loose your ru-domain, you should transfer it before January 2005 to ICANN Registrar Secura.(

Hans-Peter Oswald

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