The Advantages of Being a Work at Home Mom

By: snook2
Working from home is a modern day phenomenon! The sector of the population most impacted by this movement is, believe it or not, the children! That's because working from home makes it possible for a mother to be a full time mother, but also earn needed income for the family. Being a work at home mom can be challenging, but there are many advantages to this form of employment.

As we look at the advantages of being a work at home mom, sometimes shorted to "wahm," the first thing to think about is the family. Many child development studies have found that children who are able to stay home with their mothers are more secure and better behaved than children who spend hours every day in a daycare facility. Mothers are happier, too, when they don't have to have a big separation scene every morning.

It's true that work at home jobs sometimes don't pay as much as those on the outside. But look how much money is saved by not having to go out to work. There is generally less wear and tear on the car, and less gas used. There is less demand for a good-looking wardrobe for mom, less make-up, and fewer trips to the beauty parlor. On top of all this is the absence of a big weekly daycare bill! Working outside the home carries a price tag.

Not only does working outside the home cost a mother in money, but it also costs in time. Working from home means the end of the time-consuming commute to work, especially if you get caught in traffic jams. The commute to work takes about 30 seconds for a work-at-home mom, and if she needs to do something at home, such as check on a child or stir the stew, she's already there.

Mothers naturally want to be with their children when the little one reaches those important firsts, such as that first word or the first step. By working at home, Mom can be the one to rejoice with her little child, instead of a (possibly) indifferent babysitter. She can also be the one to keep an eye on the little one when he is sick. If a school-aged child needs something, she is right there were she can deliver it.

Working from home has other advantages. For one thing, the commute to work can be dangerous as well as exhausting. The more you're on the road, the more likely you are to be involved in an auto accident. You're not on the road much when you work from home.

Also, sometimes managers and bosses are not very nice people to work for! Sometimes coworkers are hard to take, too. Having a work at home situation keeps you away from the employers and the coworkers. True, you might still have a few clients or bosses who are hard to deal with. If that happens, you can just turn the computer off for a few hours! Through the wonders of the Internet, you can be working for someone on the other side of the world from you. It's hard for them to breathe down your neck from another continent!
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