Causes of Car Accidents

Not only do we find that mobile phones are a constant hazard, but also there are many other varieties of situations that can distract motorists and car owners, whether they are holiday driving or just driving locally.

I bet you have seen someone reading while driving. People do it, and there is no specific law to deal with it. While were are at it, have you seen the number of drivers who apply makeup or use their electric shaver, smoke and eat while driving (one handed), and even change their clothing (I have seen this being done). The other distractions that top my list are, fiddling with the cd/radio/satnav/climate control/trip/ traction/sexually-explicit billboards/ moving picture billboards, kids, pets and back seat drivers. Cars are easy to drive but they still need to be driven by a conscientious person.

On investigating, many of these can be dealt with very inexpensively. For instance, do you have ‘things’ dangling from your rear view mirror? These items are usually superfluous, distracting and often obstruct vision from both front and rear windows of automobiles. A cracked or damaged side and rear view mirror is another diversion; have it repaired or replace the entire mirror, I suggest to put there cars on a free car listings. Many of your driving decisions are only as safe as the view you get from your mirrors.

Another danger is severely worn windshield wiper blades. They must be replaced or make there cars for sale. Smudged glass, squeaky and rattling blades can be nerve-racking. Blades are inexpensive and you can most likely do the installation yourself. The great thing about most of these problematic items is that you can shop online and have them delivered to your door from experienced sites like, who are recognised for high quality car parts and
accessories,, who have pages of accessories and parts and offer exceptional value for money. Therefore, there is no reason to have any faults in your motor vehicle with expertise and assistance waiting for your custom.

Car mats can be dangerous particularly when torn or frayed. You could catch a high heel, or stick your foot through a hole, diverting your attention and possibly interfering with the movement of your feet on the accelerator, clutch, or brake.

Decide which problems you can repair yourself and which ones need professional attention. Take care of them as soon as possible, to delay could mean an accident waiting to happen.
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