Reasons Why People Do Not Exercise

By: totalactivation
How many times have you heard the following excuses?

1. My life is very busy, I have no time for exercise.

2. I play golf / tennis on Sundays. Hence I try and keep fit.

3. I will have to exercise a lot and deprive myself in order to see results. Besides, when I stop, I will lose all the benefits, so why should I bother in the first place?

4. I am worried about strain on my heart, if I exercise in an incorrect fashion.

Do you ever find yourself saying the same things? These are more than just excuses; they are justifications to stay 'within our comfort zone'.

Here are some easy solutions.

1. If you don't have the time, then scrutinize your schedule and find it. Wake up half an hour earlier,, go to the supermarket once a week to buy fresh fruits and vegetables. Switch to whole-wheat bread; eat an apple a day or munching on carrots are simple options. Just make time for exercise, and better food choices. The answer lies in drive, determination, discipline and the best use of available time.

2. If you do not have time for it now, you might have to make time for it later. In fact, many physicians advice patients to take up exercise as a form of treatment. Besides, there are several benefits to exercise. A moderate, enjoyable exercise session in early evening promotes deeper, more rejuvenating sleep, which in turn helps you awaken the next day with greater energy. Numerous studies show that physically fit people are generally more self confident, self disciplined and in control of their lives.

3. Playing sports weekly can be called a recreational activity and not a fitness enhancing activity

4. It's a myth that when you stop strength training regularly (for whatever reason) that you will lose all the benefits, and that' muscles will turn to fat''. Muscle and fat (adipose) are two separate and distinct tissues that do not have the capacity to change from one type to another. But it is certainly possible that you lose it if you don't use it. In other words you can and will lose some muscles mass if you stop exercising. If you overeat and don't burn off excess calories, you will gain body fat.

5. While exercise challenges the heart, some exercise, at a low intensity is better than no exercise. Regular exercise (which should be supervised by trained instructors in the case of individuals with cardiac problems or other medical conditions), always improves heart function in the long term. If you are concerned about your heart, ask a physician to recommend a physical therapist or personal trainer you can depend on.
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