Acres of Gold

By: Nicholas Dixon

A few years ago I stumbled upon a goldmine.Now this precious commodity was not something that you could touch, but rather one to look at.This goldmine has made more successes out of the average man than any other vessel in history.

This goldmine is so obvious many of us miss it or take it for granted.What could it be ? The internet !

With a good computer, an internet connection and your creativity you can do so much. There are countless ways in which you can display your talents for the world to see.

Their have been countless life changing inventions throughout history. The net deserves to be among the most innovative. Anyone from a ten year old to your Grandpa can use it to their advantage.

It is changing lives. The Internet can be like a drug, it may not “hook you” the first time. But as you start to use it regularly, you can't seem to live without it (that's me alright!).

And what's best about it is that it belongs to everyone. Not the government, nor corporations or secret societies. It is for us all to have.

We should be careful what purposes we use it for though.It can be used to educate, inform and communicate to improve people's lives. Don't use it for wrongful purposes. Why create a shortcut when you can blaze a trail ?

Go ahead and discover that goldmine under your nose.It may not glitter but it is certainly not fool's gold.

To your success and mine....... ,


© Nicholas Dixon

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