Your Food Consists of Several Awesome Parts

By: jonsav
Do you know what is in your food? Did you ever think about what could be there and not there, and do you know what it is doing to you or your loved ones? Is there something good in your food other than making you not hungry? Lots of questions, but are there any answers? Well, yes there are.

Your food is consisting of several awesome parts, and I want to persuade you to start looking at your food differently from now on. Try looking at it as a challenge and a conquest for better health and life.

Many people today do not have a lot of time for vegetarians, but I wonder why. They are very healthy and happy. Vegetarians are getting more of the daily recommended dose of vegetables and fruits than the meat eating population. They are also getting more of the phytochemicals that help fight off the viruses that are in society today.

Fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, legumes are all words you may well make you think to yourself what is that? Well they are the support system of your body. Fruits and vegetables have lots of phytochemicals in them and you can get about 100 different phytochemicals per serving of fruits and vegetables.

Now that sounds good, but, what are phytochemicals? Well the most commonly known phytochemical is the antioxidant. Antioxidants help to protect our cells from toxic substances and free radicals. You want to keep your cells strong for the long haul of life ahead.

Cholesterol. Yes we all have it and no we dont want to have to worry about it. Well unfortunately we all must in this day and age worry about our cholesterol. A good way to lower your cholesterol is with oats. Just by eating three grams of soluble fiber a day, the same amount found in a large bowl of one hundred percent oat bran or three packages of instant oatmeal, can lower your LDL cholesterol by at least five point six percent in six weeks. That is an awesome decrease in LDL cholesterol and can save your life.

Still worried about your cholesterol and hate the thought of oatmeal three times a day? Try cooking with olive oil. If you are unhappy with the flavor of olive oil then try canola oil. Both are a great source of monounsaturated fat. A great reducer of cholesterol.

Other sources of monounsaturated oils are Peanut oil, Walnut oil, Sesame Oil, and Soybean oil. What ever you do though do not, I repeat, do not go overboard with any oil. They all have fourteen grams of saturated fat and one hundred twenty calories per tablespoon. Lets face it we are an obese society; we need all the help we can get to not add extra fat to our bodies.

Did you know the benefits of Nuts? They are surprisingly good for your heart. Macadamia nuts are the best for you as far as monounsaturated fats go. Walnuts are the lowest on the scale for monounsaturated fats. Apparently replacing saturated fat with polyunsaturated fats found in nuts reduces your risk of heart disease.

Omega three fatty acids found in fish oils are superb at lowering blood fats such as triglycerides. Omega three fatty acids also help reduce blood pressure and may ease the symptoms of arthritis. You should eat fresh fish two to three times a week, however do not take fish oil supplements with out talking to your doctor first.

Vitamin E, is the great protector. Vitamin E helps to fight cancer, heart disease, and cataracts. Now that is one tough antioxidant!

Spinach! I know why Popeye ate his spinach, because it is a powerhouse in the antioxidant family. Not to mention it has every nutrient out there. It is a great source of folic acid, which can reduce the risk of neural tube birth defects. It also protects against cervical displaysia which is a condition that precedes cervical cancer. Women! You must eat your spinach.

Women who eat spinach daily are forty three percent less likely to suffer from a stroke, than those women who only ate spinach once a month or less. Now I dont care those numbers are hard to beat. Eat your spinach ladies and live long happy lives. Women you also need to eat your squashes, which are high in beta carotene. Those of us who eat fruits and vegetables high in carotene reduce our risk of cataracts by thirty nine percent.
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