Getting Rid Of Heartburn

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The annoyance we refer to as heartburn is created by stomach acid leaking into the lower throat or esophagus. How we get rid of heartburn that is felt in your throat or chest is dependent on the severity and the specific cause. Many different factors can lead to heartburn. Let us look at some of the items that lead to it and examine some ways to get rid of heartburn.

In some people, heartburn is the result of overeating. Holiday dinners often leads to many adults with heartburn. Believe it of not, the absolute worst thing to do is lie down, due to the gravity factor. When a person lies down, more acid can leak into the esophagus causing even more heartburn. To get rid of heart burn following a large meal will require usually a couple of things. The first is to either sit quietly or go for a leisurely walk. Secondly, take an antacid tablet, drink fennel tea or try another herbal product that is effective in providing relief of heart burn symptoms.

Heartburn is often caused by eating acidic foods. Tomatoes or tomato products, as well as citrus fruits may lead to heartburn. One quick way that may get rid of heartburn after eating lasagna, spaghetti, pizza or other similar foods, is to try a peppermint. Peppermint oil is one ingredient that is found in several over the counter antacids and anti-gas products.

Since the major symptom of heartburn is caused by stomach acid, pressure on the stomach can actually make the symptoms worse. Getting rid of heartburn, in this case, may be as simple as loosening your belt. Stress can also lead to heartburn. External factors such as trying to eat in a relaxed setting and staying relaxed as your food digests can enhance your ability to prevent heartburn. When you have to eat a quick lunch at work in a fast paced environment, try eating a small light meal. Avoid fried foods, tomato products, dill pickles and orange slices. Just remember that anything you eat or drink can potentially lead to heartburn.

Determining what causes your own heartburn may require a food diary or a mental note of when and after what foods the heartburn occurs. Those who suffer from chronic heartburn should consult their physician. While most of us have heartburn once in a while, chronic heartburn can be the signal of a more serious health problem. For many of us, getting rid of heartburn may only require a daily medication or herbal product, as well as lifestyle changes advised by their health care professional.
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