Hair Transplant Techniques

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People are always conscious of their appearance. No one prefers a bald head so modern technology has introduced different methods of hair transplant The success of hair transplant surgery depends upon the type of hair transplantation procedure one adopts during hair restoration surgery.

Gradually hair transplant has taken a new turn in the span of time with single follicular hair being the standard unit of hair transplant surgery. The hair transplant procedure has now become standardized. A long string of hair transplant starts with the harvesting of donor?s hair. It begins with the excision of 1cm and 20cm long strip of hair from donor site. The strip is tapering at end to facilitate easy removal.

The dissection of strips is the next step. After the strip is excised from the donor site it is handed over to the surgical assistants. Then he cuts the strip into many fine strips with the use of stereoscopic microscope. This process of transplantation of donor strips into many strips is technology termed as silvering.

Earlier most of the hair restoration surgeons used to take help of multi blade knife for cutting the strip into silvers. However after the introduction of stereoscopic dissection of microscope the use of single blade has gained much acceptance. After the completion of slicing of strips, the next hair transplant procedure consists of dissecting of these silvers into categories of grafts again with the use of dissection microscope.

In case of dissection of one haired follicular unit it is called follicular unit graft, in case of two haired it is called micro-graft, in case of three haired follicular units it is called mini-graft.

Making slits on the recipient site is the next procedure after micro-grafts and mini-grafts and follicular unit. This is one of the most important procedures. The natural direction of the hair plays an important role in the surgery. The size of the slit is also of immense importance. The size of slit and size of graft to be transplanted should be same. Different sizes of blades are used for different kinds and sizes of follicular units and groups of follicles.

Laser hair transplant is another method. It has proved to give much natural results. In this process a laser beam is used to vaporize a narrow slot in scalp for implanting hair graft. It is capable of transplanting hundreds of graft dramatically and thus also reduces the time of hair transplant surgery.
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