Want To End Premature Ejaculation? Change Positions!

By: lazyjack

So to answer our question, it may be said that the average couple uses at least two positions while having sex, while a relatively lesser number of couples use only one, and here lies the problem.

To put it very simply, the more positions you use, the greater the chance to end premature ejaculation. So bring out all those guides to good sex and sexual performance manuals and read up on the various positions that you can use while having sex.

Anita Hughes* of Boise, Idaho, is a 34-year-old homemaker with three children whose husband Keith appeared to have developed a premature ejaculation problem. 'Keith has a high-pressure financial job and I am stressed out looking after the home and kids, so we certainly no longer have sex as often as we used to,' says Anita. 'And because of the long gaps between our sex sessions, Keith started ejaculating too soon, as early as two or three minutes into foreplay.'

The Hughes' then consulted a psychotherapist thinking Keith's high-tension job may also have had an effect on his performance. 'She agreed with that, but also suggested we use various sexual positions to find out which one suited us best and which helped Keith hold back as long as he could,' says Anita. 'And her advice worked like a shot, because Keith was able to end premature ejaculation in a matter of days.'

Theirs is not the only success story. Today, given the immensely stressful lives that we lead, sexual anxiety is only part of a larger apprehension about life, jobs, money, kids, and various other factors. So more and more men these days find themselves seeking help for sexual performance-related problems that their forefathers could ever have imagined.

Sam Harvey is a psychotherapist with long years of sexual counseling behind him. 'People are always surprised when I tell them that sexual positions offer more than just physical pleasure; they are actually tools to cure various sexual problems, ranging from premature ejaculation to sexual boredom,' he says.

But that should not really come as a surprise, if you think about it. The very nature of the sexual act is such that it is based on the use of certain positions. As mankind has evolved, we have devised variations of the basic sexual position to heighten our enjoyment. However, it is increasingly obvious that these positions also physically influence the outcome of a sexual session and may actually help a man end premature ejaculation, because they are mostly linked to how the man performs and how satisfied his partner is in the end.

Obviously, there is no single position that will suit everybody, but the general idea is to choose a position that will cause the least stress on your limbs, for instance, because any kind of physical discomfort during sex invariably leads to premature ejaculation as the body seeks release from the awkward position it is in. This applies, surprise, surprise, to the missionary position too. Think about it: a man is essentially using his arms and legs to prop himself up, so that they start stiffening in a short time, and thrusting at the same time: a perfect recipe for premature ejaculation.

A better idea would be try the 'woman on top' scenario, despite any ego hassles you might have with her controlling the sexual action. This is simply a more effective way to end premature ejaculation because it leaves you in a far less stressful position.

So remember: a change of positions can work wonders. Why not try tonight?

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