How to Spice Up Love Making

By: lazyjack

As more and more people view making love as an end in itself, young lovers, middle aged couples, and even grandparents can be seen making a beeline for love making products.

How to Spice Up Love Making
There are 5 simple tips on how to spice up your love making experience and improving intimacy with your partner. 

1) Aphrodisiacs
Herbal enhancement formulas are available in the form of pills and supplements and some popular herbs used are horny goat weed, damiana, tongkat ali, green oats, and rosenroot. These have been used by men and women to enhance libido and orgasm since time immemorial. Today, you don't need to hunt for exotic herbs in far away bazaars. You can order them from the comfort of your home. Just do some research on herbs before ordering and buy reputed products only. 

2) Scrubs, gels, oils, and lubricants
Use these products to explore each other's bodies. Massage your spouse with aromatic oil or cream and find him relax immediately. Massage is also a form of foreplay and enhances desire greatly. Use a lubricant to prepare your vagina for intercourse. This really helps during intercourse if age or a health problem is making your vagina dry. Even otherwise, many women say that they need something to make them wet at the beginning of intercourse.

3) Lingerie and Toys
Men love to see their spouses or girlfriends in lacy lingerie. Find out the color and material that turns him on and always wear matching stuff. If your lingerie is edible, it is all the more better. Get toys to turn him on. These can include vibrators, silky ties and handkerchiefs, whips, collars, belts, and handcuffs. Use them often and not only on special occasions like your wedding anniversary!

4) Books and Videos
Bookstores dedicate entire sections to adult books. You and your partner can browse such books in privacy. There is no harm in reading or watching them as long as you do so in privacy. In fact, doctors recommend this to couples who face boredom in marriage and low intimacy. Reading and watching others engaged in making love on video will enhance your love making appetite and performance.

5) Flowers, Music, and Aromatic Candles
These accessories help to create the right ambience for making love. You cannot relax under harsh light or the din of traffic. Therefore, choose a cozy nook in your house and create the mood for intimacy. Arrange fragrant flowers attractively, let your favorite music play in the background, and light those lovely candles. You'll find that these simple, inexpensive products can enhance your intimacy.

It is easy to spice up your intimacy and love making with these simple products listed above. They break the monotony that creeps into relationships after some years. You don't need to spend a fortune to have a better love making. 

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