Smoking Finger Syndrome

By: scubaman
There is an interesting side issue relating to smoking that has to do with fingers. For the sake of this discussion let us call it Smoking Finger Syndrome, or SFS. When you smoke for a while, the chances of developing SFS are twenty to one (by Las Vegas odds).

Here are some of the symptoms:

1.The fingers become yellow. It happens on the sides at first so it easy to hide with concealer make up if the SFS sufferer is so inclined, but soon the yellow stains seep onto the tops of the fingers, and the issue becomes a public one. The fingers resemble rotten squash and are quite unattractive to the naked eye not to mention to the smoker themselves.

2.The fingers smell. After smoking for any length of time, it becomes almost impossible to eradicate this condition. The fingers smell permanently. So each time a SFS sufferer puts their hand to anothers face, to kiss them or to hold them, they elicit a bounce back effect. The recipient suffers from SFVS, or Smoking Finger Victims Syndrome. They often become sick to the stomach and ask to be excused.

3.The fingers scar. The SFS sufferer develops this symptom by burning the fingers over and over again. It is caused by neglect, by distracted behavior, by clumsiness on the part of the SFS sufferer or just by smoking. The scars are permanent and can only be removed with a surgical procedure which, in and of itself, is painful.

The interesting thing about Smoking Finger Syndrome is how easily it disappears when the root cause, smoking is eliminated. You would be surprised at just how quickly, for some its within days.

There are additional advantages in the recovering SFS patient which are worth noting. The fingers can be used for other purposes; Sporting rings are a very lovely alternative to the cigarette that has been the staple of the SFS patient. Finger painting in the form of nail polish is a very popular pastime for the post SFS patient as the colors do not clash with the sick yellow in the fingers any longer. For the male SFS patient, cooking becomes a possibility as the fear of fire has left them for good. The fingers can be used for holding hands with non-SFS patients. (Studies have shown that a majority of the non-SFS population will not hold hands with SFS patients. They feel it is not their responsibility). The fingers can be used to whistle and catcall. There are so many more things that you can do with your fingers once you have freed yourself from these horrid yellow cigarette stains, you can begin to lick food again if you have a spillage without having to taste cigarette and most of all you can enjoy life again without having to feel embarrassed by your yellow fingers. What do you think; would you like to give it a try?
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