Bad Breath - Prevent It To Lead A Healthy Lifestyle

By: barneygarcia
Bad breath is a disease also known as halitosis, which can stem from various medical problems like dry mouth and even Atkins diet. It is an involuntary problem in people that makes them embarrassed often in public place. Not only does it embarrass the person suffering from bad breath but also the other person who is facing it.

Causes of bad breath

The first and foremost cause of bad breath is the wasted and left over food particles in the mouth, which usually decay very fast and thus result in bad breath. Insufficient saliva in the mouth is also one of the important causes of bad breath. Usually saliva is a natural cleanser that cleans the food particles from the mouth and also keeps the mouth wet. This is a great way to reduce bad breath as dry mouth results in bad breath. Bleeding gums and tooth decay are also major factors for bad breath.

The reason of bad breath differs from people to people so to analyze the cause of it, visit the doctor. However, some of the serious conditions that cause bad breath are Dental caries, bio film, Gingivitis, gum retraction, ulcers, diabetes, tonsillitis, dental plaques and diseases of the salivary glands. So apart from smoking and drinking, even eating pungent food articles like garlic and onion will also lead to bad breath.

Homemade remedies for bad breath

Sometimes you can use some homemade remedies to treat bad breath. You can begin the treatment by brushing your teeth regularly using a toothbrush and toothpaste. You should clean your tongue properly and make sure that the thin white coating over your tongue is removed completely to avoid the bad breath. Flossing your teeth once a day is also very useful for combating bad breath. Drinking huge amount of water everyday prevents dry mouth that basically leads to bad breath.

Prescriptive treatments for bad breath

However if the cause of bad breath is medical then you should visit the dentist for proper treatment. While there are many medicines available in allopathy, even homeopathy can suggest quite a number of remedies. Some researchers in Japan also suggest that taking yogurt regularly can also fight bad breath. You should take the pills regularly suggested by the doctor to control problems in bad breath.

Proper oral hygiene alone can find a lasting solution along with mouth fresheners. Breath fresheners or mouthwashes can provide only temporary relief from bad breath. But to get some permanent effects you should start using anti-bacterial mouth rinses and avoid alcohol. If you can gently clean the surface of your tongue with a toothbrush, tongue cleaner or a tongue scraper then you can easily avoid the problems of bad breath.

Bad breath can be certainly cured, so take some significant measures to avoid suffering from bad breath and also prevent others from suffering.
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