Will Contact Lenses Fit Your Lifestyle?

By: granola
If you need to wear corrective vision lenses due to an eyesight problem, you may be considering the option of wearing contact lenses. These small, lightweight plastic lenses float on the fluid surrounding the eye to improve vision without being seen by others. This option allows lens wearers to eliminate the need for wearing eyeglass frames on their faces, which some people believe adds to their physical appearance. There is also the convenience factor of managing small lenses instead of bulkier framed lenses, which can be dropped, lost, or broken.

Contact lenses work well for those who don't mind taking a few seconds morning and night to insert and remove the floating lenses. You will need to rinse each lens with cleaning solution every time you put them in or take them out of your eye. You also need to rinse out the contact lens case and let it dry before adding new fluid whenever you return the lenses to their case. Daily care, then, is a little more time-consuming than merely putting on or taking off eyeglasses. But many people don't mind a little extra effort to be able to avoid wearing facial frames, which can be difficult to fit, steam up, and change someone's look.

Another aspect of contact lenses is the need for more in-depth cleaning every few days or so. This requires the use of special enzymes purchased for this care. The case and lenses will need to soak for a short period of time in order to remove all eye fluid buildup. Then the lenses and case are rinsed and ready to use.

Nowadays, though, many contact lens wearers are opting for the disposable lenses that you wear a few days and then throw away. This helps to reduce the number of hours overall any lens will spend in your eye, thus cutting back on the amount of bacteria that can grow over a period of time and lead to eye irritations, inflammation, or infection. Some people used to buy extended wear contact lenses, which they would leave in for long periods of time. When these began causing problems, manufacturers came up with the disposable lens.

Contact lenses work great for professional people on the go or active people who are involved with sports, children, or other activities where eyeglasses could slip off their nose or be yanked off accidentally by kids or competitors. Unlike eyeglasses, contact lenses won't steam up, although one could pop out if your eye becomes dry or you play around with it. Finding a lost contact lens is challenging, to say the least. Fortunately, this doesn't happen very often.

If you have never worn contacts before, talk to your eye doctor about the pros and cons of using this vision correction approach, or browse online websites for discussion groups on this topic. Millions of people wear them and love them, so you may be one of those who will benefit from the convenience and comfort of contact lens usage.
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