What is the True Root Cause of Stinking Bad Breath?

Do you suffer from embarrassing, rotten smelling, stinking bad breath?

If you do and if you want to learn how to eliminate your bad breath from the very root cause then this article will be the most important piece of knowledge you will ever read.

Bad breath can have a huge impact on your self confidence and shatter your love life. It can be devastating to feel rejection simply due to your bad breath. It is something no one ever wants to ever suffer.

And worse still it is estimated that eighty five percent of people around the world suffer from bad breath. That is a big problem.

Now the sad news is that most of these people try short term band aid solutions to treat their bad breath and they fail to cure the root cause of their problem. So they unfortunately have to continue to suffer.

But the good news is there is a way to eliminate bad breath by simply addressing the root cause. The true root cause of bad breath is not really known to most people, major drug companys that sell millions of bad breath products will not teach you the true root cause of bad breath because they actually want the problem to continue because that is how they make their money. Their products usually just mask or suppress the smell of bad breath but these chemical based products can never truly eliminate the true root cause.

So what is the true root cause of bad breath you ask?

The answer is one word.


Toxins are foul smelling, sticky substances that cause disease in humans and cause the foul stench of bad breath to form in your mouth.

Toxins form in your body by external and internal means.

Internally toxins form from a weakened digestive system. When your digestive system becomes imbalanced your digestive fire becomes weak and the food you eat is not digested properly, this becomes a breeding ground for toxins to form. These toxins get deposited in your mouth and digestive system.

The smell from these toxins is the root cause of your bad breath. These foul smelling toxins cause a stench to arise from your stomach and intestines out of your mouth.

Toxins in your body are indicated by a white coating on your tongue first thing in the morning, foul smelling stools that sink rather then float plus a list of other signs and symptoms.

So now you know the true root cause of bad breath but now another question arises. You ask so how can I eliminate toxins so I can remove the root cause of my bad breath.

Well to do that you need to.

One. Remove toxins from your mouth.

Two. Remove toxins from your digestive tract.

In my ebook Bad breath to sweet breath at my website.

I have devoted an entire section to teaching you how to remove toxins from your mouth and digestion. And since I can not fit all of it into this article, I will just cover the basics here.

To remove toxins from your mouth and digestion you need to detoxify your entire body. Now to know how to do this effectively requires unique, very powerful medical knowledge. This knowledge is only found in the 5007 year old healing science known as ayurvedic medicine.

I am a fully qualified healer in ayurvedic medicine. Ayurvedic medicine is the oldest and most effective natural medical system on earth. Ayurvedic medicine has a perfect system for eliminating toxins that no other natural healing system on earth offers. Let me describe to you some secrets from this medicine to help you remove toxins.

Your first step to removing toxins involves simply doing a one, two or three day fast. Fasting is one of natures most powerful secrets for eliminating toxins. But to fast correctly you need to know some important knowledge. There is a safe correct way to fast and an incorrect unsafe way to fast. I cover all this in detail on in my ebook.

During your fast you need to take a special herbal formula that will literally burn away and digest toxins that cause bad breath. You also need to take certain toxin eliminating liquids that also help to destroy toxins. And you need to use a special herbal mouth wash so you can start extracting toxins lodged from your mouth, plus other secrets.

After fasting you need to consume a special detoxification diet to really get to the root cause of removing toxins deep within your body and cells.

Then after you have detoxified your body you need to do the ayurvedic rejuvenating and preventative program. These are vitally important steps that must be done after detoxification to renew all your bodys tissues.

Some incredible thing happens when you start to eliminate toxins from your body. You lose weight, your body smells nice, people become more attracted to you, you feel happier, you look years younger and most importantly you remove stinking bad breath permanently.

Truly bad breath can be eliminated if you put this system into practice. It is unlike anything else, it is unique knowledge only contained in the 5007 year old natural healing system of ayurvedic medicine.

In my bad breath ebook I devote chapter after chapter to just the subject of detoxification. I break it down in a simple, step-by-step way and tell you exactly what you have to do to eliminate toxins from your body so you can rid yourself from the curse of bad breath.
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