How to Clean Out the Colon

By: skleong
This is a question many people ask when they have an unhealthy bowel: How to clean out the colon? It is quite true that in several cases abdominal pain and constipation are the direct result of accumulations in the colon.

A healthy colon eliminates harmful materials and bacteria and absorbs essential nutrients and water. On the other hand, an unhealthy colon, mainly due to the deposit of fecal matter on its linings, generates toxins and passes it into the body. An unhealthy colon is the result of our food habits. It is not "realistic" to completely neither eliminate all the bad foods from our diet nor breathe in polluted air. So, a good method to adopt is to clean out the colon.

To find an answer to how to clean out the colon, you don't need to visit any clinic. Cleaning of the colon can be done at home. Colons can be cleaned naturally with the aid colon cleansers and herbal supplements.

Natural way of cleaning colon includes fasting, taking adequate amounts of fiber and drinking enough water. During fasting the body goes through a detoxification process by digesting the impure materials and developing new cells. A fiber rich diet or around 30 grams of fiber dissolved in water or food can initiate natural colon cleansing. Drinking lots of non-carbonated water can restore the function of colon to an extent.

For centuries, herbs have acted as an excellent colon cleanser. Several herbal based supplements are available in the market. Certain herbs like psyllium, ginger, cayenne pepper, cascara sagrada, senna, fennel, garlic and aloe leaf have properties to remove fecal matter from the linings of the colon. They also prevent the formation of toxins in the colon and fight bacteria and parasites effectively. The greatest advantage the herbs have is the minimal side effects. Most of the colon cleansing herbs can be purchased from health stores.

Probiotics is another major method used by many people to clean colon at home. In this method, friendly bacteria are introduced into the digestive tract with the help of probiotic supplements. It also acts as a catalyst in stimulating the immune system of the body. Onions, garlic and bananas are a good source of probiotics.

Colon cleansing home kits, herbs and supplements are the safest answer to how to clean out the colon at home. Occasional cleaning of colon at home can avoid unnecessary complications like colon cancer. It is also a cost effective method to keep your colon healthy.
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