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The Difference Between Male And Female Fat Metabolism

By: 25072911
Did you ever wonder, though, why men and women lose weight at different rates? Well, that also has a lot to do with fat metabolism. There are several significant differences in fat metabolism between genders.

Metabolic Variations

There are several differences between the fat storage and fat metabolism of men and women. First of all, women's body fact percentages tend to be greater than those of men.

Additionally, while women usually store more of their fat in the gluteal-femoral region (the hips and thighs), men tend to store more of their fat in the abdominal region. The main difference between men and women's fat metabolism is supported by scientific studies.

According to scientists, the fat in the abdominal zone is easier to metabolize than the fat in the gluteal-femoral area. Additionally, a greater amount of alpha receptors, which promote the storage of fat, are generally found in the hips and thighs of women. These two factors mean that men usually have faster fat metabolisms than women do, and are thus more successful at losing weight.

When Low Fat Metabolism Is Dangerous

You know that a side effect of being overweight or obese is high blood pressure, which is harmful to your health. You also know that low fat metabolism can be a contributing factor to being overweight. Is there a connection? Of course there is! Low fat metabolism is definitely bad for your health and, according to studies, may be affected by your high blood pressure. More specifically, high blood pressure could cause low fat metabolism in your heart.

If you are overweight and have been blaming it on your metabolism, you are not far from the truth. However, this is no excuse not to attempt to lose weight. Due to health concerns, you should focus on a healthy diet with plenty of exercise don't let that pesky fat metabolism stop you from living your life to the fullest!

Well that is it! With any luck this commentary helped answer some of your questions on low metabolism. If not, be certain to look around the site. I always try to integrate as much metabolism data as feasible. You might also want to take a look at some of the articles on low metabolism and low metabolism while you are there.

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