Things To Watch Out For Earlobe Creases and Heart Disease

By: JoannC
A study has been done suggesting that earlobe creases and heart disease are associated and that people with earlobe creases were likely to have such disease.

Another strange combination, of the two things, isn't it? What does earlobe has something to do with heart attack? These are the questions I once asked to myself when I first heard about it. I even look at a mirror to see if I got one and felt relieved when there was none. But how on earth the two become interrelated?

Our earlobes are normally and actually smooth. On rare occasion, creases might be seen, and if they are present, this is supposed to mean something. It is said that creases on earlobes are sometimes associated with heart disease: a coronary heart disease to be exact. The possible association between the two started out 20 years ago when a study proposed a link between distinctive, diagonal creases in human earlobes and the disease. It is said that an individual with a crease in at least one of the earlobes were likely to die from such disease than those who do not have creases on their earlobes. Although there was an unclear proof of the association between the two things, but the study suggested several possible explanations, such as the loss of elastin, which can cause creasing on the earlobe, and contributes to the hardening of arteries. Interesting, isn't it?

A follow up study was conducted and it appeared that the result of the first study could be right. Out of 1, 000 people, 373 people have earlobe creases, 275 of them had coronary heart disease, and only 98 did not. Out of the 627 people with no earlobe creases, 101 had coronary disease and 627 did not. Several additional studies have been conducted and they found similar results.

There is no firm evidence or reason for the association between earlobe creases and heart disease. Health experts believe that skin creases and heart disease are common later in life and not related in any way. So, before you go running in front of a mirror looking for creases on your earlobe, you should know that whether you have earlobe creases or not, you should watch your cholesterol level, exercise, stay away from any tobacco products, maintain a normal weight, and have regular checks for your blood pressure and cholesterol level.

There's no better way to be free from heart disease than living a heart healthy life. If you have earlobe creases with the absence of the risk factors, it doesn't mean you have or are going to have a heart disease.
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