Counseling and ADHD

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When it comes to counseling and ADHD, anything is better than nothing. Some courses of treatment will most likely be more helpful than others, but talking about one's problems will help ease the feelings of being alone that ADDers tend to have. All therapy will work better if the individual is on medication and has been educated about their disorder. This article will be just aq small part of the education you require in order to deal with ADHD or someone close to you with ADHD.

When it comes to treatment, the first outlet you want to seek is a psychiatrist or psychologist trained in diagnosing attention deficit disorder. Get a clear diagnosis for your child or for yourself. Know what you are dealing with and go from there. After a diagnosis has been made, the doctor will prescribe medication and most likely counseling as well. Some doctors will be more knowledgeable than others about the disorder, and it will be to your benefit to find someone that is. Do some of your own research just to see what is out there for resources in your area. A wealth of information is offered by the author of this article.

Psychotherapy is often necessary for individuals with ADD for various reasons. Some people do not have many issues after they are diagnosed, get some kind of medication as well as education about their disorder. Others have been living for years with the disorder without even knowing it. This will cause a lot of problems for the individual, and their path will be much more complex. Self-esteem will most likely be low in these individuals after years of not achieving what they know they can. Relationships have been affected by the previously unknown disorder, and the individual has to rework their entire life. It is not a simple process, and can be quite painful. It is necessary in counseling to learn how to structure goals and plans, but reconstructing self concept is just as important. The balance of these two intermingling goals can be difficult for the therapist to employ. You will want to seek out an experienced therapist for the best results.

The complexity of ADD and the psychological problems that can come with it make it essential that the therapist is very familiar in dealing with ADD. It will be of no help to the client if their therapist knows less than they do about their disorder. This will only reinforce their low self esteem and deep feelings of being misunderstood.

Group therapy can also be very helpful to individuals with ADD. ADDers thrive off group support and really like the feeling of being understood and belonging. It would be ideal to find a group for people with ADD, but if none exists there are other similar groups that will help. There are national organizations that deal solely with ADD such as CHADD, and there are local chapters across the country. All you need to do is hop online and see which group is near you.
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