Natural Remedies for Sinus Headaches

By: skleong
Sinus headaches are caused by the inflammation of sinus cavities in the face. It is characterized by a deep, dull pain in front of one's head or face (at specific points such as behind the eyes or side of the nose) and the pain usually sharpens during the physical movements of the head, especially while bending down or leaning over.

The sinus headache will be at its peak during the morning hours after waking up and it generally subsides by after noon. And quite often, the pain starts when the person concerned is suffering from a bad cold or just after it.

The treatment of sinus headaches by conventional medicine concentrates on controlling the sinus inflammation and it involves antibiotic cure and sinus surgery in extreme and acute cases.

However, recent studies have shown that natural remedies for sinus headache can be effective. They are not only successful in relieving pain associated with sinus headaches, but also are free from the side effects posed by antibiotic drugs and other medicines. Further, with natural remedies, there is no need to get the prescription of a doctor (in most cases). Instead one can manage one's own treatment from home itself. In the following paragraphs, we'll see few natural remedies for sinus headaches.

One of the best and easiest natural remedies for sinus headaches is to ease the pinching pain of a sinus headache. Use cold water applied to the forehead of the patient by means of a towel. Once the towel becomes warm, flip it over or dip in the cold water again and repeat the procedure. Taking a 30 min nap in between in a dark room may also help in relieving the pain.

Certain herbs are found to reduce the chances of getting a sinus headache by preventing cold or reducing the inflammation of sinus cavities. For example, barberry and eucalyptus are very effective in containing sinus headaches.

Another effective natural remedy for sinus headaches is eating some jalapeno pepper. It helps drain the sinus thereby reducing the pain. Peppermint steam inhalation also serves the same purpose.

In most cases, natural remedies can bring about substantial changes in the patient's condition. But in certain situations, natural remedies for sinus headaches may fail to offer complete relief and in such cases, don't hesitate to consult a doctor. Remember, sinusitis, if left untreated for long, can lead to complications and other health issues.
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