Sensational Home Remedy For Adult Acne: The Fire & Ice Method

Looking for the best home remedy for adult acne? Preventative maintenance is much easier than trying to cure acne after it starts. However, this article will explain two very simple remedies: one to prevent acne, and one to treat acne to cover all the bases. Let’s get started...

One home remedy for adult acne that works really well and is amazingly simple, is the “Fire and Ice" method. This remedy is basically just using the proper temperatures when washing your face to your skin’s advantage. That’s it!

“Fire": Rinse your face really well with warm water. This opens your pores, and loosens up the dirt and oils in your skin. You can also run a washcloth under hot water for a minute or so, and then place it on your face for about 30 seconds. The steam and heat will open up your pores, and break down the barriers for your face wash to charge in and crush the bacteria that causes acne! There are also facial steam kits that do a very good job with this if you don’t mind spending the extra money.

“Ice": Whenever you are done washing your face, simply rinse with much cooler water to close your pores back up. (Make sure the water isn’t too cold, though.) This will rebuild the barriers you broke down with the warmth, keeping new oils and dirt out of your pores throughout the day! It is also a great idea apply an ice cube, preferably wrapped up in a wash rag to prevent direct contact and melting, to any affected area for about a minute. This will greatly reduce redness and swelling, and keep the surrounding pores closed, keeping harmful bacteria out.

So to recap the “Fire and Ice" Home Remedy For Adult Acne:

1) Always rinse your face with warm water before washing
2) Wet washcloth with hot water, place on face four about 30 seconds (Best at night)

1) Rinse your face with cool water after washing (Morning and night)
2) Apply ice to affected areas for a minute or so to reduce redness and swelling

Though this is a very simple home remedy for adult acne, it is definitely worthwhile. By using this method daily, you will have less future breakouts and slowly get rid of current ones. If you’re looking for a home remedy for adult acne that works, give this method a try, and combine it with a good diet and a good oil-free cleanser and mask. Just keep at it, and develop good skin care habits, and you’ll have the clear skin you deserve!
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