How To Balance Ones Hormones To Help With Acne And Being Healthy

By: sheehan
It is common knowledge that acne is caused by oily skin but few people know what causes that shine on your face and especially the T-zone. The oil is due to high levels of a hormone named androgen. However, since a normal secretion of androgen gives a healthy skin, therefore it cannot be completely done away with either.

The hormones are most actively produced during puberty, hence the oily skin and acne. Now the question that arises is how to balance ones hormones to help with acne.

Now hormones in our body can be balanced by different methods like having a balanced diet, avoiding stress and getting enough exercise. However, external methods include some treatments that may help to correct the imbalance as well.

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There is a disparity in your body when the superfluous hormones and toxins from your body do not drain out. This function is usually performed by the liver and kidneys and what aids these organs to do so are a balanced diet that gives the essential nutrients. These nutrients regulate the glands and hence help you get a blemish free skin.

If you notice carefully you will see that too much stress can also cause an unexpected outbreak of acne. This is because stress triggers the production of hormones that cause the pimples. One easy way to relieve oneself from stress is of course exercise, and the added advantage is that it is also good for the rest of your body.

External treatments for balancing hormones that people can opt for can be allopathic as well as alternative medicine like an herbal treatment.

Once the doctor has determined that the acne caused is due to a hormonal imbalance he/she might recommend birth control pills for women as they restrain the androgens.However, if the problem is acute then the doctor might also suggest corticosteroids.

Many herbs like black cohosh, evening primrose, red clover, chaste berry, licorice etc can be used both on males and females to balance their hormones However, personal experimentation is advised against and the patient should always consult a doctor before starting this treatment.

Finally this treatment is only possible if you get a thorough checkup of your hormone levels, and people who have an acute acne problem should go for a regular checkup to see the condition and improvement.
Hormone level testing can be done by saliva testing and blood testing.

There is also the option of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy.
However, balancing your hormones the natural way is always much more desirable.
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