How to Treat Your Acne Problems

By: bajazz
Acne affects almost all of us at some point in our lives. It is caused by a bacterium which builds up in pores of your skin, and spreads to different areas of the skin as the bacteria grows. White and black heads are both considered acne. It is always a bad idea to pick or pop any white or black pimples because the bacteria will get under your fingernails and spread the bacteria from the bump you popped along with what ever bacteria is under your nails.

Many things can make it worse or better considering your family back ground, your genes may be attributing to your acne, many people are predisposed to it. Other factors may include environmental conditions which affect your skin such as air pollution, dirt, and other particles which float around in the air, stress may contribute for some people, your diet may affect how your body disposes of toxins which may excrete through your skin, and of course your hormones during puberty.

Your family doctor or a dermatologist can treat you're the problem. Depending on how severe your acne is will depend on what type of treatment you receive. If it's clear that it is affecting your activities of daily living because of the physical or emotional which people with acne suffer. The most common treatment is topical creams or antibiotics or a combination of the two. About six weeks into treatment you will notice if you are getting better or worse, if its not getting better your doctor can prescribe a different antibiotic or topical cream that may suit you better. Other treatments are anti androgen drugs which lower the androgen that your body produces, this is common amount women because of hormonal affects of the body. Although these methods of treatment help or completely remove your problem you have to continue treatment or your acne will come back, which may lead to your body becoming resistant to antibiotics.

If you want to try some herbal remedies before consulting a doctor, it's worth a try. There are many herbal remedies on the market that help to reduce acne and the causing bacteria. If you wash your face a few times a day with clear glycerin soap make sure you use warm water to wash and cold water to rinse. The reason for the different temperature water is because warm opens the pores and cold closes them. You may want to try lemon or lime juice on your face after a good wash because it is a natural astringent which will help with very oily skin.

If you want to use a facial cleaner that is natural but some what abrasive you may want to try this. Take some mint, lemon balm, eucalyptus leaves and crush them up a little, then steep them in about four table spoons of water for only a few minutes, don't use high heat, after the herbs have let out their properties, mix this with baking soda and wash face. After wards with cotton ball put on the lemon or lime juice let set for a few minutes, then rinse facial or body skin with cool water. What ever treatments you decide to use make sure to do some research to find out what all is available, and that will also suit your needs.
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