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If you are suffering from hair loss, naturally you would want to know what options you have that will help you cope with your condition. When you visit any clinic in the northwest, or anywhere else in the country, for your consultation, you would want to know what hair restoration services northwest are available to you.

Hair restoration services northwest may be found, depending on the actual condition of hair loss that the patient displays. The most common service offered is surgery, and hair replacement surgery involves grafting individual hairs to the scalp. When these hairs grow, they will follow the natural growth pattern that the person originally had. Or at least it is supposed to work that way.

Hair replacement surgery is known to be the most efficient way of treating hair loss, compared to application of medicine or wearing wigs. There is no doubt that the treatment can be costly, depending on the extent of the treatment needed and the state where the clinic is located, but in the long run, undergoing surgery is more cost-effective than taking medicine or wearing hair pieces. Surgery only takes a few sessions to complete, whereas medicinal intake or wearing wigs is continuous.

The sad news is that not every person suffering from hair loss is the perfect candidate for hair replacement surgery. Therefore, anyone who has been turned away from seeking surgical treatment for hair loss must look to other means. Thankfully, surgery is not the end-all and be-all concerning hair loss treatment; the patient can still turn to therapeutic alternatives.

The most popular drugs prescribed for hair loss treatment are Propecia (Finasteride) and Rogaine (Minoxidil). Propecia is taken in orally while Rogaine is applied topically. Both are clinically proven to be effective in encouraging hair growth, but the hair growth stops when the drug intake or application stops.

For those who are open to dabbling in alternative medicine, one can always turn to acupuncture. In acupuncture, the nerve endings just underneath the skin of the scalp are stimulated. Eventually, blood circulation to the scalp is improved and the additional nutrients that improved blood circulation brings encourage the growth of new cells in the hair follicles.

Finally, there are the good, old, reliable hair pieces. The adventurous and fashion-savvy patient can actually indulge in different hairstyles by wearing different types of wigs. Great care, however, should be taken in cleaning these hair pieces because the adhesives can irritate the skin. A patient seeking hair restoration services - northwest, southeast or anywhere else - can find a wide variety of hair loss options.
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