Hairpieces for a Younger, More Fashionable You!

By: gisbert
Hairpieces have been a time-honored solution for hair loss. Wigs and toupees were all the rage in Europe back in the olden days. In fact both the words "wig" and "toupee" are of French origin. Toupee was derived from "toupet," a diminutive of the old French word "toupe" which means "tuft of hair." "Wig," on the other hand, was taken from the French word "periwig," which was what the ornamental headpieces of gentlemen in the 17th and 18th century were called. These types of headpieces were considered ornamental, and should they hide the baldness of their wearers, it would be considered an incidental benefit.
Today, hairpieces do not only serve an ornamental function, but many use them for practical reasons. People suffering from alopecia - the medical term for hair loss - may have surgery and medicines to turn to, but those aren't the only options! Hair coverings are there for those who don't want to go through the hassle of regularly taking medicines (genetic alopecia doesn't just stop even with medication! Medicine only makes it slow down, and stimulate hair growth, but if you have the alopecia gene, chances are your hair will continue to thin and fall out unto old age).
They're also there for people who don't want to spend for surgery.

Thanks to the advances made by modern technology, medical tools that are used for hair grafting surgeries are now fine-tuned to perform seamlessly. This may be a good option, but if your scalp is especially sensitive to operations or medicines - and your doctor should be able to tell you this - you may want to invest in non-risky alternatives.
You may find yourself doing this if you have non-genetic, but toxic alopecia - the kind induced by chemical or radiation exposure, as in medical therapy. It is important to remember, however, that if your scalp is especially sensitive, you may also be unusually sensitive to some adhesive products, which you must buy to keep your hairpieces in place. Always consult your doctor and your hair care specialist for the proper remedy to hair loss.
Even people with genetic alopecia may not experience complete baldness. But while the slow process of losing hair takes place, they may experience awkwardness, even a mild depression, as what they see in the mirror reminds them that they're growing older. Don't let this happen to you. Purchase hairpieces, and show the world you don't just have to be young on the inside - you can be young on the outside, too!

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