Shopping for Swimsuits

By: barneygarcia

Shopping for Swimsuits?
Now that swimsuit season is nearing, most of us are fretting about our diets and exercise programs in hopes that we will be able to fit into a swimsuit the next time we go shopping. While diet and exercise can never hurt a person, and which should always be encouraged, you shouldn't wear yourself out trying to fit into the tinniest tiniest bikini out there.

How to Choose a Swimsuit
There are lots of different styles of swimsuits, and believe it or not, there is a suit out there that will fit and flatter your body type. The trick is finding a swimsuit that will highlight your attributes and downplay your negatives. So next time you are shopping, try to remember these tips.

  • Big Bust
    If you have a large bust look for a swimsuit that has built in underwire support to make sure your breast look their best and are not falling out when you least expect it! Also look for suits that have a high quality lycra so that you will get added support. If you don't like under wire, you can try halter tops which are trendy and are a great way to give support to your breasts.
  • Athletic Body Shape
    Try wearing bikini or halter tops to show off your great arms, and to add more curves to a straight body wear bathing suits with a lot of feminine touches such as bows, ruffles and ties to give the illusion of curves. If you have a flat chest wearing a plunging neckline can help distract from the lack of breast on either side!
  • Pear shape
    If you are small on the top, but larger on the bottom, you should try to draw peoples vision upwards by pretty eye catching tops. Try a bottom that is a little darker than the bathing suit top you are wearing as well as a bottom that sits well on your hip line. Boy shorts can camouflage larger hips as well. 
  • Small bust
    If you are rather flat in the chest department, wearing a halter top can create cleavage when you didn't even know you had any! There are also a lot of swimsuits now that contain built in gel cups to create the illusion of a fuller breast. Just make sure the top of your bikini top is snug to your chest and not gapping out so that your secret might be given away. 

With all these great tips it should be easy for you to find and choose a great swimsuit. This season flower prints are in style as well as polka dots and bright colors. So remember to keep exercising (for your well being) but remember, not all of us can look like a 15 year old girl our whole lives, so relax and have fun this summer.

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