Fish That Clean Your Aquarium For You

By: leedobbins
Maintaining an aquarium can be an ongoing task but you can lighten the load of little bit by buying fish and other creatures that you part of the work for you. These fish are scavengers that feed on the any food on the bottom of the crater rim as well as the algae. When buying these kinds of fish you need to be careful of the kind that you buy us some can exist peacefully with your other fish while others will attack them.

One of the toughest problems In maintaining a tank is keeping the algae growth down. Luckily there are fish that actually eat the algae keeping the tank clean for you!

The Chinese algae eater can eat in a normal salon of algae and attach themselves to the flat surfaces of your tank and decorations scraping algae off. The Chinese algae eater can become aggressive when he becomes an adult and may even attack larger fish so they are great having a tank when they are young, but not so good when they're adults.

The flying fox or trunk barb each LG and also will eat the leftover food at the bottom of the tank. They shouldn't be put in with a similar species though as they can become territorial.

If you want a shy and peaceful fish that is a good community member and also each algea then you could try getting a catfish for your aquarium.

Snails are another fish tank creature that eats algae but they'll go for the plants first so if you have live plants in your tank you might not want to add snails. Apple snails might be a good idea because they prefer the LG over the plants however you may find them feeding on sleeping fish! another thing to keep in mind is that snails reproduce pretty quickly so if you don't want a tank full of snails by only one.

Sometimes live plants have snail eggs are ready on them. I once put a plant in my tank and low and behold all of a sudden I had tons of teeny tiny snails - and I mean tons! If this happens to you and you want to get rid of them think about buying a loach. Loaches eat snails and they also eat algae so you can kill two birds with one stone. Sucker loaches, however, made a bit of the fish when they grow to be adults.

cleaner shrimp can help with Tank maintenance. Bumblebee shrimp will eat leftover food enough help keep down algae growth In the tank but you have to be careful to provide them with other food as well. These shrimp are only about an Inch long and relatively harmless to your other fish. Ghost charm will eat both algae and the food at the bottom of the tank too but they also might eat small fresh and may get to the fish food before your fish can even eat it as collection point!

If you have any saltwater aquarium, then getting a couple of crowds might be a great way to cut down on algae. Hermit crabs who eat algae as well as the food that sells on the bottom of the aquarium. Keep in mind, however, that you must buy crabs that don't grow larger than an inch as big crabs might kill your fish. Emerald green crabs and need Mithrax crabs might be good for saltwater tank. Sally Lightfoot crabs eat hair algae and bubble algae and are also very peaceful creatures.

So there you have it, some creatures to add interest to your tank as well as help you clean it!
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