Burglars Get A Steal When They Break In

By: Repeller
Thieves steal anything negotiable! Burglars are opportunists. They take whatever they think they can exchange for something they want, including cash. In fact, cash tops the list of things that burglars take from homes. The reasons are obvious.

It is readily negotiable. Its surprising how many people still keep large amounts of it in their home. They often provide no extra security for the cash.

Most often, cash is stuffed in a drawer where it is easily accessible to the burglar. Burglars know exactly where to look to find the things of value. Hiding cash under the drawer does little good. Most seasoned burglars will discover it within a few seconds.

Thieves know their chances of getting caught increases the longer they remain in the residence. Burglars take things that are of value and allow ease of escape.

Tools have long been a favorite of burglars. They are easily sold or traded for something else. There is a never ending demand for specialty tools on the illegal market.

Some tools are cumbersome which may require a vehicle, or more than one thief to move. Tools are easily sold too unethical mechanics or other unsuspecting people.

Most people do not mark their tools, which makes recovery near impossible. Thieves count on trusting individuals. Valuable tools should be kept out of sight and secured as other valuables. Burglars take some items for their own personal use and others for resell.

Firearms are a favorite target of most burglars. They can be sold on the illegal market or used to commit other crimes. Most people do not properly secure their firearms.

Unsecured fired arms are a burglars dream. Residents place them in closets, drawers or under beds. The seasoned burglar has seen all this before. They know where the uninformed will hide firearms.

Unsecured firearms are easy targets for thieves and they are also dangerous. I children gain access to gun it can have a tragic ending. Firearms should be stored in properly locked containers.

They should not be shown at gatherings. The ammunition should be stored separate from firearms when not in use. Thieves are skilled in looking for evidence that indicate you may own firearms.

Pictures of you posing with your guns are a dead giveaway. Literature about guns may offer another clue. Burglars do not want to spend too much time looking for your valuables.

You can lessen the chance of theft by putting them in the right place. Some items fit the criteria for theft better than others.

Jewelry is a favorite of all burglars. Its surprising how many people still do not secure jewelry in their residence. The average person will not take security measures beyond a jewelry case.

If you leave jewelry unsecured, during a burglary it will be stolen. If you have expensive jewelry, only show it to trusted friends when it is not being worn.

Expensive jewelry signifies to the thief that there is other stuff of value in the residence. If the jewelry is unsecured, its a sure bet that other things are out for the taking. Poor security is contagious. It provides the thief with a variety of items to choose from throughtout the home.

Electronics are also favorite targets for criminals. They are often unsecured. The can be easily sold or used for personal use. Electronics are not hard to find in the home. Residents often use them on a daily basis. Televisions, radios, digital video recorders, computers all make viable targets for burglars.

There is only one way to keep burglars away from your valuables. You must try to keep them out of your home! If you fail at keeping them out, then you must have evidence to catch and prosecute them.
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