Reasons to Upgrade Your Fire Alarm Annunciator System

By: darkforces
When it comes to public safety, it is important to make sure that all public buildings are properly equipped to provide ample warning in the event of a fire. A good fire alarm annunciator system will accomplish this goal. Here's a few reasons why an up to date fire annunciator system will make all the difference.

Computer technology has led to sophisticated fire alarm annunciator systems that are simple to program and read. Armed with sensors that are strategically placed in each room of the facility, the fire alarm annunciator system allows for a central location to identify the locations of any fire activity. This can be very helpful in the evacuation process, as it is possible to know exactly what exits may be impacted by the fire and re-route persons who might normally pass through that area on their way out of the building.

Older alarm annunciator systems worked off a series of codes that had to be used to arm the system and also to stop alarms from sounding when they were no longer helpful. This could mean the waste of valuable time once the fire department has responded to the emergency. Tricky codes meant keeping someone nearby to help work the process. With the screen touch technology of today's systems, firemen do not have to figure out how to quiet the system and then guess where the fire may be. Many systems have a layout of the building on the screen and the firemen can easily figure out how to get to the fire by using the virtual floor plan.

The simplicity of the newer alarm annunciators mean that the firefighter does not have to deal with an array of warning lights. Instead of trying to silence them as others move into position to handle the fire, the technology of newer systems allows the process to take place with a simple touch. No more consoles that may have up to ninety buttons to deal with.

Today's fire alarm annunciator systems also allow the building manager or supervisor the ability to access other information that may not be of use to the fire fighters and stores it with separate access codes. This allows an employee or officer of the company to manage the way the system works during routine monitoring and keeps the process simple in the even of an emergency.

Fire alarm annunciator systems today come in many styles that can be integrated into the overall decorating and structural scheme of the building. While still within easy reach, they do not have to look like an afterthought or appear to be simply utilitarian. Simplicity of operation, enhanced safety, and aesthetics that work with your surroundings are all reasons that make the investment in a new fire alarm annunciator system an excellent choice.
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