Heat Your Pool The Low Cost Way With A Solar Heater

By: seeley
Solar pool heaters are one of those that make the best and the optimum use of the free sunshine. It uses the renewable and non-polluting source of energy and provides maximum output. In the long run it proves itself that it has you enough money to pay for itself.

Solar pool heaters have come of age. They are the best devices to reduce swimming pool heating costs and give a competitive edge to other alternatives like gas and electric heat. They provide the most economical way of heating the pools in cold climate. Even in hot summers the pool water can be cooled down by circulating the water during night in the collectors.

Apart from installation, solar heating pools have very low operating costs. Solar pool heaters work proves to be quite useful in numerous ways. Apart from cooling the pool water in summers, they provide the most practical use of solar energy. They also cover the most effective measure to reduce the heat loss, water evaporation and chemical use. The best of the deal that you get is that you get to extend your swimming season. Various solar pool heaters also give you more control over water temperatures.

It is important to know how solar pool heaters work. This is necessary as only after knowing their proper working, you can compare how to reduce the operating costs for the same. Solar pool heaters usually consist of flat plates. The materials of these plates depend upon what kind of climate you live in. Glazed collector systems are usually made of copper tubing on an aluminum plate with an iron-tempered glass covering. This usually results in higher installation costs. But these glazed collectors absorb more heat and can also be used in heating domestic hot water all the year round.

A proper installation of solar pool heaters is an absolute must. This depends upon solar source, location of the building where the collectors are to be placed, safety measures. It is suggested to get the whole system installed from a well-qualified agency which not only holds experiencing in installing such system but can also do a good job of maintaining the same.

Like every other machine or product, solar pool heaters also ask for a little maintenance. A little maintenance every season would make these solar heaters last at least ten to twenty years. For this is important to maintain chemical balance and filtering system of the swimming pool. If the climate is usually dry all around the year, then the glazed collectors also need to be cleaned periodically. Usually the installations guide also carries instructions for maintenance as well. It is a good idea to go through the manual once. It would help in the long run.

Solar pool heaters deteriorate usually in 15-20 years but their pay back time is usually three years. If you have an area for the solar collectors, then you can reap the full benefits of solar pool heaters. Now that's what is called as basking the glory of Sun!
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