Different Types of Mailboxes

By: hunter
Mailboxes are a very useful creation. They come in different sizes, few shapes, and many colors. Mailboxes are used to hold our mail until you get it out.

What they look like

There are lots of different designs. There are the traditional and most common mailboxes, and then there are the custom made mailboxes. The custom made mailboxes are just another way we express our personal style. Some people will just buy the kind of mailbox they want from a store or get someone else to make it for them. But some people have gone as far as to make there own mailbox design. There are pigs, and houses, and flags, and anything else your mind can imagine. One for each style.

The main Reason

The main reason for mailboxes as I Mentioned earlier, Is to hold our mail from everybody that has your address and sends you a letter. Businesses, Credit Cards, Bills, Flyers, personal letters, they all end up in your mailbox.
What would you do if you didn't' have a mailbox and your bills weren't getting paid, you would lose everything that wasn't yours and already paid for. That wouldn't be good at all. As you can tell mailboxes are very important to our lives.

Not the only kind

The Mail Mailbox is not the only kind of mailbox. There is the telephone mailbox. But even that can be broken down into home phone mailbox and the cell phone mailbox.

Home Phone Mailbox

The home phone mailbox is were people can leave a message if your on the other line, on the computer, or if your just not there. On some of these you can create your own message on others you must use the message programmed into the phone or phone number.

Cell Phone Mailbox

Cell phone mailboxes are close to the same exept you have more options. You have three diffrent spaces to record three different
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