The Advantages Of Light Backpacking

By: abbadox
Backpacking requires that you bring all essential items before going on a trip. You do not want to be endangered during your trip, do you? If you want to avoid accidents and problems as much as possible during your trip, you have to pack all kinds of things like maps and compass, tents, sleeping bags, water, matches and maybe some canned goods for your adventure. You have to bring a first aid kit too.

These gears are numerous, I know. Carrying a load that is too heavy might pose a problem for you when going on a trip. Carrying a hefty load will make your backpacking adventure less fun and more cumbersome. So how do you counter this problem when you know that you need all the things you are carrying? You cannot very well leave some of the things behind, can you?

The trick to remember when packing for a backpacking trip is to bring items that are lightweight but nonetheless provide you with the same protection during your camping expedition. There are now hundreds of Ultralight gears available in the market today and these gears are a big help to you. Your backpack must not weigh more than two pounds. Purchase one that is not only lightweight, but is durable to hold all your gears. A light sleeping bag is a great idea for lightweight backpacking, too. It should not be more than three pounds and should not be too bulky. Instead of packing a tent, why not opt for a tarp instead? Tents are bulky and tend to be heavy. A tarp can provide you with the same degree of protection and shelter when in the wild but you have to have knowledge on setting one up first so that you would not get wet. Setting up a tarp requires that you know how to do it and you practice on it first before going on a trip.

Backpacking also requires that you are in good shape when going on a trip. All the hiking demanded by a backpacking trip will surely take its toll on you if you are not in a good physical state. But the best way to cope up with a backpacking trip is having a much needed presence of mind. Being on alert and knowing what to do during your trip will definitely save you from a lot of risks and problems.
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