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Now day’s snow throwers are used to make the work easy and simple while there is a heavy snowfall. Snow throwers provide great help to those people whose physical condition is not very good. Mainly there are two types of Snow Throwers available in the market. If you live in an area which gets a great deal of snow, you probably own a snow shovel and get a lot of exercise shoveling all that beautiful white stuff off your sidewalks. If you're fit, then certainly you'll have no problem with that shoveling...unless you've got three sidewalks and a driveway to do! Everyone reaches a point when it’s best if they don't do that kind of hard physical activity - and that's where the snow blower comes in.

It's that time of year again in the snowy north, as our attention turns to snow-removal equipment. The lawn mower has been retired for another season, stored away snugly somewhere until the growth of the green grass becomes a sweet "problem" once again. Now, it's snow removal (from areas where it's not wanted, like your driveways) that poses a problem for landscapers. There are a number of different options for snow-removal equipment, each with its own set of pros and cons.

Snow Blower is an excellent choice for clearing dense, compacted and/or deep snow. It has an easily adjustable chute deflector and power-driven wheels, which can disengage independently to assist in turning. When choosing the right Snow Blower for your home, consider the size of the area that will be cleared, the time you have to do the task and the amount of snowfall you normally have each year. You will find many varieties of snow-mower machines.

Mainly there are two main types of snow blowers: Single-stage and Two-stage. The first is a light duty machine, which uses a single high-speed impeller to pull in snow and expel it from a discharge chute. Two-stage snow blowers on the other hand, are heavy duty and have more than one low-speed metal auger that pull the snow into an impeller, which then discharges the snow into a chute.


For an average suburban home with a driveway and sidewalk, a single-stage snow thrower is the way to go. They are relatively lightweight and affordable, and are capable of handling up to 8" of snow. Although technically not self-propelled, the auger (shaped like a corkscrew) moves the machine along with it's rotating action as it scoops up snow and throws it through the chute. Single stage snow throwers use a single high-speed impeller to both move the snow into the machine and force it out the discharge chute.

The impeller is usually in the form of two or more curved plastic paddles that move snow towards the centerline of the machine where the discharge chute is located. Single stage snow throwers usually are light duty machines. Small electric machines can actually be picked up to chew away deep snow banks a layer at a time.

Two Stage

Two stage snow thrower as its name implies, the two stage snow thrower gets rid of the snow in two stages. An auger is used to break up the snow first, and then it is sucked into the impeller and blown out through the discharge chute. This type of thrower is used if your area typically gets snowfalls of more than a foot or more at a time.

Properly used, a snow blower can save you a lot of time and back ache. There are many manufacturers, including Honda, John Deere, Sears-Craftsman and Toro. The best time to buy a snow blower is after the season has ended, when they all go on sale.
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