The Importance of Sanitizing Swimming Pools

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When people want to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, going to a resort to unwind or simply going swimming in a pool with friends or family, is a common option for many people. It is a way of relaxation to ease the tensed muscles of the body because with a clear head and relaxed body, one can be more productive.

But every time we take a dip in a pool, whether private or public, do you ever wonder if the cool, soothing water that you are enjoying is really safe and clean for bathers like you? The clear water which allows you to see the drain vividly does not guarantee its safety because levels of michroflora such as bacteria and viruses may be present in the swimming pool. These microscopic organismz which may be in the pool can place swimmers at risk to infections and diseases.

Pool contamination may be due to incoming water from an unsanitary source, germs from infected swimmers, dirt and dust brought by rainfall, substances or materials brought by birds, fecal released by other swimmers and non-fecal human shedding such as mucus, saliva and the like. These contaminating fators may result to pool outbreaks and become the source of potential pathogenic organisms like bacteria, virus and fungi which can directly affect the swimmers who come in contact with the contaminated surfaces and water. The contaminated water may cause several diseases like diarrhea, skin, ear and upper respiratory infections, when swimmers may have accidentally swallowed the water of if the swimmer’s head is dipped into the water.

Bacteria, which is considered as an opportunistic pathogen, can be shed and transmitted through contaminated water. There are also some types of amoeba and free-living aquatic bacteria which can survive in pools, pool facilities or wet surfaces wherein at some point, these pathogenic organisms can cause dermal, central nervous system and respiratory infections and diseases.

There are also germs like Cryptosporidium (crypto) which may come from an unsanitary source are not easily killed by disinfectants. These organisms cause cryptosporidiosis, a protozoan disease, which can infect humans.

With the possible diseases and infections that you may acquire from the contaminated water of swimming pools, then it is advisable to choose a place which has a high pool maintenance, where water is filtrated and disinfected to have a more enjoyable and relaxing experience.
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