Garage Floor Coating Helps Protect Concrete

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In years past a garage was a place to park a car or store items not currently in use. They were generally messy detached outbuilding that attracted very little attention. Today they have graduated to being part of the house and homeowners are as interested in a decorative, as well as a functional floor coating.

Whether the garage is used just for parking the car, as an organized workshop or for occasional entertaining, a quality and decorative garage floor coat can give you the look you are after. It can be a single color scheme or have many different designs painted on it, to make it seem more a part of the home than an afterthought.

Painting a garage floor is the easiest and most economical means of updating the look of the garage. With so many types and colors available finding a garage floor coating to do what you want it to do, should be no trouble. Whether you just want a functional garage floor coating to protect the concrete from stains and tire marks, or one that lends itself to being aesthetic, it can be found.

Protection From Damages Is Key

Preparing the floor prior to using a floor coating is the main part of a good-looking floor. A cleaner degreaser should be used to remove surface dirt and grease, thoroughly rinsing before proceeding to the next step. A concrete etching product will remove heavy stains as well as rust and also needs to be thoroughly rinsed and completely dry prior to putting down any floor coating.

Failure to fully clean and remove and grease and stains will cause the floor coating to fail to adhere to the concrete and it a short time the garage floor coating will start to bubble and wear off.

Daily cleaning with a dust mop or light broom is also recommended as dirt brought in on the car tires can scratch and ruin the top finish. It is recommended a weekly, more intense, cleaning schedule is also followed. This time spent caring for the floor will help the garage floor coating last longer.

To maintain the appearance of plain concrete you can also obtain garage floor coating that is clear. Usually this is an epoxy-based product that allows the finished concrete to show through without any color. However, once you have applied the desired garage floor coating follow the manufacturer's recommended drying time before using it to protect the finish.
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